.more about husband and me.

.goodbye 2011.

.a review of what happened in 2011.

.in january.

.husband also got invited to interview in chicago and california
and he traveled to sc, nc, and dc for interviews.

.in february.

.we had a big decision to make that would change our lives drastically.
.we ended up choosing musc's sccp for pharmacy school.
.we spent time with wonderful friends and found out they were expecting.
.i finished a major project at my job. 
.we pledged our importance of marriage and celebrated v-day brazilian style.
.and i shared a few reasons why i think husband is just the best.

.in march.

.we celebrated my birthday with some sad news.
.husband got some new glasses and i wrote lots of love letters.
.i watched my choreography come to life and we said goodbye.
.we started different time zones and husband came to visit.

.in april.

.after a failed attempt we found a wonderful place to live.
.we were lonely.
.roy wrote his first ruff draft and i fell in love with charleston.

.in may.

.i surprised husband in utah and we were stoked to only have one more month apart.
.we reminisced, got a little baby hungry, and realized that being our faith in
the south is going to take some defending.

.in june.

.we finally made it this month and i was nervous as could be.
.husband came home and by home, i mean to our new home in chucktown.
.we learned to live with one another again and husband got a new nickname.
.we were constantly inspired and tried to learn balance.

.in july.

.we spent a lot of time at the beach and got taken out by the heat.
.i had several southern reminders and poor roy had to get stitches
.we made homemade donuts and spent our sundays in happiness.
.we celebrated husband's acceptance as a pharmd/mba and waited on important news.

.in august.

.august was a very busy month.
.we had lots of parties for finales of some of our favorite tv shows.
.husband learned a thing or two about becoming southern.
.we had visits from family and friends.
.husband also started pharmacy school.
.football season started and we experienced our first hurricane in charleston.

.in september.

.we watched lots of utah football and school took over.
.we grew a lot and fell in love with color and changing our blog.
.we celebrated husband's bday with a stache bash.

.in october.

.i traveled to utah and we traveled to pitt.
.husband taught us how to eat oreos his way and we celebrated as farmers.

.in november.

.we participated in movember and husband grew a knarley stache.
.we moved chucktown guides and had a brazilian night with pharmacy friends.
.i played an army wife and we had a turkey day in sc.

.in december.

.we watched the parade of boats and got taken out by finals.
.we shot more sweet families and worked on several photo projects.
.we brought in four years of marriage in charleston and spent christmas on a family farm.

.2011 was a wonderful life changing year.

.here's to 2012.
.a new year, with new events, and new happiness.

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