.more about husband and me.

.consuming my thoughts.

.usually when roy
is doing that.

.i am unable to get to sleep
and thus my
thoughts are consumed
by pretty much anything.

.but lately the
same thing weighs heavily
on my mind.


.this past weekend,
while in utah,
i had a first time experience.

.i purchased actual baby clothing.
.for my two beautiful friends
who are expecting babies.

.can you believe that?.
.i had never purchased
baby clothing before.

.i had looked
at the clothing before.

.and purchased
baby things
for friends.

.but i had never
actually purchased clothing.

.it was intense
i am now obsessed.


.so to all of you friends.

.go and get pregnant
so i can send
you baby clothing.

.i promise it will be cute.


.i used to think
of babies in a 
surreal kind of manner.

.you know the
dream that i get to decide
what we're having,
how they will look,
blah blah blah.

.don't we all
do that?.

.or am i crazy?.

.okay don't answer that.

.but now i don't care
if it's boy or girl.

.dress or vest.
.tough guy or sweet girl.
.daddy's girl or mama's boy.

.as you can see
it's consuming my thoughts.

.not in a
i want this right now
kind of way.

.just in a 
i'm so excited for one day
kind of way.

.sorry if i'm scaring you



1 comment:

Margaret Marshall Moon said...

No, you're not crazy in the least. Just know that now you've had the "all-consuming" thoughts, they won't ever go away. Or at least that's what I've found. :) Enjoy.