.more about husband and me.


.this past weekend was
one of the hardest i've
ever had in my life.

.same goes for husband.

.sometimes we feel like
this blog tells only the good
parts of our life together
and what we are going through.

.we don't want this to become
one of those, my life is perfect
all the time, places.

.we are not perfect people.
.we make mistakes.
.we hurt each others feelings.
.we take things too seriously.
.we have different timing occasionally.
.we love differently sometimes.

.the important thing is
we can look past this
acknowledge that what we have
isn't always perfect but it is
perfect for us.

.we are in love.
.with each other.
.all the time.
.all the time.
.and even if we have
bad weekends or
not so perfect times
we want to grow from them.

.we couldn't be happier
to have found one another
to share forever with.

.no matter what.

.happy labor day!!!!.

.here's to a new week!.

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