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composite | green shadow.

November 2011.

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composite | remembrance.

I did this composite back in February. 

It is inspired by a friend that I have who lost both parents in a short time period. She is a rock and she is the epitome of perseverance. You would never know what she has been through. I don't get to see her that often but when I do I always feel strength.

I feel like I have grown loads since February, but I am still happy with the work I did here with the knowledge that I had.

Perhaps one day I'll go back and create more with this photo but for now it will serve as a memory of one of my first projects in compositing. 

we backed our first.

Kickstarter project.

I've shared the work here on my blog before here.

And I just couldn't resist backing it and I told husband we had to do it. So we did.

Lauren's work is irresistible. It says so much about what we have forgotten about marriage in our culture these days. That it still can work. That people do still grow old together. To capture that is breathtaking and often leaves me speechless.

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