.more about husband and me.

.kiss it goodbye.

.once the clock strikes midnight
this cinderella will not have to kiss this anymore.

.a little photo booth. 
.don't you dare say my dog isn't darling.

.coming from someone who happens to like mustaches and think they can be rad.
.when they do not look sketchy and creepy. 

.i am actually pretty happy to see husband's go. 

.yes, it was for a great cause and i'm glad that we did it to support men's health.

.but about a week ago husband realized his was long enough that it had turned into
soft bristles, that wouldn't scratch my face off when it touched my face.
.ever sense he refuses to give kisses without a nasty mustache face rub first.

.until probably next year, goodbye movember.
.hello, jingle bells.

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