.more about husband and me.

.a little reminiscing.

.i'm off of work today
so naturally i woke up
at 6 am anyway.

.and since i'm up
of course i'm
reminiscing on where
i was last year at this point.

.and on this day
 last year
i was here.

.graduating from the u.

.a whole year ago?.


.i miss college everyday.
.but someday soon
i shall return.

.the part that
baffles us the most 
is what we didn't know.

.we didn't know we'd be moving.
.we didn't know we'd be pharmacy schooling.
.we didn't know we'd be becoming charlestonians.
.we didn't know we'd be spending our last year in utah.
.and we sure as heck 
didn't know we'd be spending three months apart.


.but while we are on this
subject let me quickly dispel
anymore rumors that are a flyin'
because i've been asked
about it by six different people
just this week.

.we are not separated.
.oh my goodness.
.we are happy, happy, happy.

.just making some sacrifices
for our family.

.because we know that's
what brings forth the future blessings.

.and ey - 
who doesn't need some blessings

.happy weekend friends!!!.

.i hope yours is going
to be as good as mine is
going to be.

.just saying.



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