.more about husband and me.

.blessings all around.

.this post was for tuesday.

.but thanks to
being a busy bee
for blogger not working
it is now thursday.


.sometimes there are
those moments when we
don't recognize the
blessings in our life.

.we begin to try
to create our own
plan for what we think
would be best
 instead of realizing
that it's quite possible
things aren't going
the way we want 
them to because 
god has a better plan
for us.

.this summer has
been hard for us.

.no doubt.

.husband never found
a summer job and it
has been difficult
to try and figure
out how we could
live off of one income.

.something we have
never previously had to do.

.he starts school
back next week
guess what?.

.he got a job.

.but not just any job.

.this job is perfectly suited
for husband
because it's in
pediatric hospital pharmacy.

.and as of right now
guess what kind of pharmacy
husband wants to do
when he graduates?.

.that's right.

.pediatric hospital pharmacy.

.without the right connections
we have made this summer
the patience of not
having a job all summer long
husband most likely
would not have found this job.

.it's crazy to think
we ever doubt
that everything will be okay.

.in other news.

.i got into grad school.
.no big deal.
.just as excited as can be.

.(for those of you
that thought we were
waiting on the news of
a baby -- sorry you
guessed wrong -- haha).

.see blessings all around!!!.

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sherryandbryon said...

Jenna, CONGRATS on getting into grad school! That's awesome. I'm so happy for you. And congrats to Jordan, too. His job sounds perfect! So glad things are working out. :)