.more about husband and me.

.a man and his cube.

.one day last week i came home and found a box sitting out by the door.
.i hadn't ordered anything recently and as far as i knew husband hadn't either.
.i grabbed the box, brought it in and cared more about my nap.
.an hour later, when i woke up, husband was getting home
and was delighted to see the box.

.apparently earlier in the week, husband was having some serious nostalgia
and reminiscing of a childhood love.

.the rubik's cube. 

.this was his first time trying a cube in years
and he did it in 2 min and 4 sec.
.i can't even do it at all and after several hours i give up.

.my new camera has video -- it is so weird i'm used to actually shooting on one these
.the focus is quite different.

.he has since made it down to 17 seconds.

.yes we are nerds.
.and we love it.

.oh ps.
.we are featured over here today.

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