.more about husband and me.


.this weekend was a blast with my wonderful husband
and some delightful rain but i will share
more about that tomorrow.

.for now please fall in love with this wonderful beauty
that my dear husband introduced to me.

.we are in absolute love with this.
.can you believe janelle's voice and that beautiful smile?.

.we feel so inspired by the happiness that they radiate in this video.
.it is beyond inspiring when people love what they do.

.happy monday!.
.here's to a happy and inspiring week!.

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sherryandbryon said...

jenna, love the picture on your blog header! so beautiful. hope you guys are doing well and enjoying the east coast. it was fun to look at your cute blog. thanks for posting! :)

mare said...

jenn. i love this song. so lovely. can't wait to see you soon. xoxox