.more about husband and me.

.a way to a man's heart is through hitting the pins.

.or atleast that's what worked
for husband and me.

.our first picture.

.there is much debate
about when the
first date actually 
happened for
husband and me.

.as you already know.

.we met at church.

.just to give you 
the timeline.

.the day we met was 
march 4th.

.my birthday was a few
days later
march 7th.

.husband showed
up at a surprise birthday
party my wonderful
friend marilee put together.

.pretty much the only person
to ever pull off a surprise
or get close to pulling 
one off 
because i actually
found out
when husband
so casually 
asked her about
it in back of me.

.i should have
known then
that husband would
not be very good
with surprises.
.too funny.

.sorry to break the
news via blogging.
.mare and husband.

.after my surprise party
husband invited
me to go bowling.
.with his best friend nate.

.some may think
that this would be a 
downer, going
out with nate along.

.but let me tell you.
.you haven't met nate.
.the kids awesome.
.sorry ladies he has since
been swiped up.

.nate also happens
to be the one husband
texted after meeting me.

.so here's the debate.

.is an unplanned bowling
outing our first date?.


.is the way to my heart
really when our first date occurred?.

.you see a few days later.

.husband called and told
me he wanted to take me
to a wonderful nice
restaurant and i responded.

.can we just go to cafe rio?.

.if you know me.
.or you are a frequent
blog reader then you know
cafe rio is the
way to my heart.

.so which would you
consider our first date?.

.a casual invitation to bowl.
.a planned cafe rio dinner.

.see our love
really is simple.

.it must be included
that we didn't take our 
first picture together 
until family dinner
the next sunday
march 11th.

.yes we are one 
of those 
utah county 
couples who were
in instant love.

.but know that we
didn't plan it that way.

.we weren't looking
or wanting instant love.
.and i think that's why
we found it.

.but it doesn't stay that easy.
.trust us.


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