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Okay guys....here is the long awaited blog post!

After much much much much much traveling my husband and I finally arrived back to the good ol' UTAH!

Things have been great since we have been back. We have learned a lot. So maybe I'll just go through some major events and then if there is lots of details on them I'll go more into depth. Yes, that was a run-on.

-Aug. 1 -> We leave for Utah ( I managed to take pics of our entire trip...maybe I'll have to post those.)
-Aug. 3 -> We arrive back in UTAH (We also went to church in Wyoming that morning -- boy was that funny -I also missed the picture of the Utah state sign....I was bummed...I just got to anxious and took one right before and one right after. BOO!)
-Aug. 4 ->We find out it was good that we left early to come back because I wouldn't have received residency :)
-Aug. 5 ->We are in our new apartment, I have pictures of that too. I also started my new job.
-Aug. 6-Aug. 24 -> Nothing really is detrimental for your knowledge of how we are doing. HAHA. I guess you could say we find out we live in the most ridiculously great ward ever, and that we are trying to make our messy apartment look like a home. (Still hasn't happened) :)
Ps. Funny story side note -- The first day of church in our new ward....I went to ask someone what ward we should be in and they told me that young women's was down the hall. :) The next week Jordan was waiting for Elder's Quorum and a visitor came in and said to him "I thought this was Elder's Quorum, I didn't know there was Aaronic priesthood in this ward." We are sooo soo loved! Oh yeah on Aug. 23 Kostina and her husband got sealed to their little girl Leah!!! Jordan and I were able to attend and that was an amazing experience. Leah is so pretty!!!
-Aug. 25 -> School starts --University of Utah here we come! Boo BYU! jk. 
-Aug. 29 -> My car gets broken into.....yeah that wasn't fun, but it was such a blessing in disguise. Although my Temple Recommend was in my bag and that was so sad because I couldn't get a new one for 2 weeks! Two weeks without the Temple is ridiculous. 
-Sept. 7 -> Fast and testimony Sunday -- Yep, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland was in attendance and can I just say that was the most intense Fast and testimony meeting ever. I have never felt so close to my ward members before. I love it!
-Sept. 8-Sept. 22 -> Not to much going on still....just life -- Jordan did start working at Pharmacy as a Pharm-tech in training! This is sooo amazing because they get paid really well and its part time so while he's preparing for Pharmacy school to get his Pharm-D this is a perfect job for him. Such good preparation and training too. (Another side note...this is something that happened as a result of my car being broken into. :) See blessings in disguise all the time!)
-Sept. 23 -> Jordan turns 24!!! Oh wow! He's so old! jk.
-Sept. 25 -> (yesterday) I turned in my portfolio for the Ensign Internship! PLEASE wish me lots of luck and prayers are good too! :) 

I think we are up to date now! Lot's of things have happened, hunh? I also will be starting a new job on Monday. I'm really excited. Our lives have just taken a new turn and I think it's going to be good! I have never felt so close to my Savior in my life. Jordan and I are closer then ever! He is my best friend! He's such a great husband and such a strength to me. I love it! I also will finally get to see Mare and Dev on Sunday! That should be fun! We haven't seen each other once since we've both been back! Crazy! 

Well for now! Ciao! xoxo

The Miller's 

or really Jenna speaking for them :)


Becca said...

Yay for a new post! You should keep doing these so-called posts... I quite enjoy them. I miss you, you lovely girl. Much love sent to your little family...

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