.more about husband and me.

I guess I got tagged to do this....


-Jordan and how close we are getting
-Dancing and finding it's true meaning in my life
-Children -- Or being baby hungry on occasion (Never thought I'd say that one did you)

-The worldly things that rip us down without our knowledge or realization
-Not saying goodbye to someone I love
-Spiders and such

-complete my dreams
-be as good a mother as someone I know
-be the wife that Jordan deserves always

Current Obsessions:
-waking my husband up early before I go to work :)
-taking atleast two or three showers a day
-naming our kids

Surprising Facts:
-I want 5 kids and it keeps growing everyday because I keep finding prettier names
-I love kissing frogs (I used to bc I wanted to find prince charming now that I have him I guess it's just a habit)
-I hit the car roof thru yellow lights

Fellow Bloggers to Tag:
-Mare tagged me and I don't really have any other bloggers sooo..... too bad. Sorry


mare said...

cute girl. Thanks. you should start postin of your goings and comings in the city. hope you're lovin it. chao

Natty said...

ahhh Jordan Miller. I know its probably your wife that is in charge of the blogging, so plese show this to your cute little hubby.

mare said...

sometimes when you are a blogger, you update your blog yust for fun. I'm dying to see the city... okay thanks!

Becca said...

Hey hey, my fellow blogger. I loved our chat today. Hopefully I will be able to enjoy another one asap. I miss you and love you, girlypoo!

KSK said...

Oh my gosh Jordan. You guys are such a cute couple! My husband flicks the roof of the car, and lifts up his feet when he drives through a yellow light as well. I don't know where he picked that up, but its really cute. This is Suz by the way, and I have a baby. CRAZY

Becca said...

Ok, so, what's going on with your blog? the point of a blog is to update it, yes? I miss you