.more about husband and me.

Sorry to take forever Mare

Hello to all.....

Well as it goes I actually am not working and have time to write....

Jordan and I seriously have been working like 24/6 -- Did you catch that I said 6 :)

Honestly though.... we work all the time and to be honest right now I don't think it's paying off at all.

Things have been so wishy washy since we moved here. I won't go into any detail but let me just say that colleges are crazy and of course then there is always my family as well. HA. Seriously though colleges will get you anyway they can and it's been interesting to watch all of the perfect planning to unravel into a mystery when USC decides to make up any new rule they can possibly think of. In other words don't you fret yet you Utah-ns or Utar-ns as my niece would say -- we could be heading back your way at the end of the summer.

Yes that's right Mare -- you called it -- "see you next semester" were your exact words I think.

I'm not going to fib this is a huge struggle for me. Especially considering the fact that we continue to seek guidance and for some reason everything is just not working out. I haven't lost faith yet...so not to worry.

I got to admit though....if we have to make that long huge drive again we just might croak. It took us forever. If we do....it better not be snowing when we get there. :) Ahhhhh.

Sorry I'm complaining. I'm sure those of you that I know our situation must know how frustrating this is.

Right now we are just preparing for both states.... SC and Utah

- We found out that the U accepted late apps....and we both got in.
- We put a hold on an apmt in SLC just in case.

We both are too afraid to not have this security blanket.

Anyhoo -- maybe I could share a bit about our ward.

It's kind of a funny ward to be honest.... everyone speaks like I used to and it is hilarious. They are so southern. An exciting thing though is that we get to work with the missionaries. I LOVE THIS! There have been 2 baptisms since we got here and they are all really great. There is also a guy who is trying to get baptized. He wants to know so much about the gospel and he asks the best questions at church. The spanish elders have also found some brazillian families and they want Jordan to go out with them because they don't speak portuguese. He is really excited about this. I am supposed to be teaching primary by myself these next couple of weeks.....we'll see how that goes. HAHA.

I don't know what else to say except I hope everyone is doing well.

Please keep us in your prayers....we need all the help we can get right now. :)

We love you all. J and J


mare said...

No problem girlfriend. I'm glad to see a post tho. I hope that things are starting to fall into place. I know the Lord is probably just testing you, as he does to those he loves, and I know you will prove faithful. check my blog for a tag---meaning you're it.

bev said...

Cute, cute, cute, jenna. I miss you! my prayers are with you. I know what is best for you will come. I won't even pray for Utah, because I trust where He will send you. Love to hear about you two. Keep smiling. lots of love.