.more about husband and me.

.happy love day.

.i came home to flowers today, which was a huge surprise.

.not because my husband doesn't do sweet things but 
because he does and today is no different than usual.

.husband is not a man of holidays -- we celebrate them but he is the type
of man who thinks everyday should be celebrated like a holiday.
.he thinks everyday is worth celebrating.

.me on the other hand i always go full out on the holidays
cards, candy, dinner,
and most of the time i forget about the little things in between.

.i couldn't be more thankful to have a husband that is 
teaching me to remember these things on a daily basis.

.what was my favorite thing he did today?.
.when i got in my car this morning there was a full tank of gas.
.i hate going to the gas station. 

.this is our first valentines without brazilian food
and boy did we miss it.

.charleston doesn't have a brazilian restaurant.

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