.more about husband and me.

.tossing and turning.

.last night i couldn't sleep worth a lick.

.it could have been husband's stealing of the covers every half hour.
.it could have been a need to keep watching the office.
.it could have been too much information rumbling around in my brain.

.but i tossed and turned for hours.
.literally until almost five in the morning. 
.which is perfect, since i have to get up for work at 5:30.

.but had i not been so worried about how i was going to make it through the day.
.i would have enjoyed this time more.

.i spent the night making mental notes of some of my favorite times with my love.
.i would look over at his handsome face sleeping and remember what a wonderful
addition he has been to my life and my heart.

.we have had a great life together thus far and we are learning more and more
everyday not to 'sweat' the small stuff.

.i love that husband of mine.

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