.more about husband and me.


.as in that's what
husband and me
(and i think roy
even got a nibble)
ate for dinner tonight.

.don't judge.

.this week we 
are running faster
than we have strength.

.i just can't figure
out what in the world
is happening.

.the house looks like
we have twenty seven
children and have
yet to move in.

.there are dishes in the sink.

.piles of clothes
on the floor.

.an unmade bed.

.a box with a
 desk inside that needs
to be put together.

.a car in the front
that needs gas.

.and glancing
quickly around the area
i can count 
nine empty bottles of
mountain dew.

.again, don't judge.

.every night
of this week is
packed with something.

.homework, callings,
tests, projects,
pictures, activities,
church, work,
husband's birthday.

.it's quite possible
we are going to
need someone to
dig us out of here
by the end of the week.

.any takers?.


mare said...

cute post jen. well does a plane ticket to see me count as digging you out of there? I hope so.

Janae H. said...

I wana dig you guys out! It'd be sweet to come see you guys and your new lives! We miss you guys!!