.more about husband and me.

.dear husband.

.did you know that
sunday mornings are
my favorite time with you.

.we get just the
right amount of sleep
to be morning people
then we chat like 
the best friends we are
while we get ready
for a day well spent
with the lord.

.we tell each other
secrets and get
one another's opinions
on how we look
in what we
decided to wear.

.it's not that sunday
is the only time
we do this it's
just a consistent day
of the week
where we aren't rushed.

.which isn't oft anymore.

.yesterday as we
sat in church i thought
about how very true
it is that i love 
you more each day.

.today i love you more
than i did yesterday.

.we are at a perfect place
in our lives
though i don't want
to be broke college folk
forever, i'm definitely
okay with it for now.

.the move for us
was harder than we thought.

.we miss our friends
and families more that
we thought we could.

.but it has also been
a great stepping stone
for our marriage.

.we are without a doubt
out on our own.

.today i was getting
ready to go out and about
and i passed by our study.

.i caught you like
this with roy.

.it is crazy that little tiny
pup has so much love for us.

.i'm extremely grateful
that pharmacy school
hasn't completely taken over yet.

.and that you still
have these small moments
to indulge in with us.

.i couldn't help but
smile as i thought about
how roy is our pup babe for now
but one day i will pass by
a room to find your attention
upon a baby.

.i can't thank you
enough for everything
you are doing to
make sure our future
family is taken care of.

.you have sacrificed so much
for us and no words
could ever suffice.

.i love you to the moon.

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