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.emma + wade.
.(according to emma).

Every story has a beginning. 
Ours started when we met online. 
Yes. Online. 
I still feel a little strange about it sometimes, 
but hey, it worked out right?

After that, figuring out our friendship 
and then dating Wade felt so easy. 
We gobbled up the time we got to spend together. 
I couldn't get enough of him. 
The year and a half of sleep deprivation 
we experienced while we were dating
 proves that.

One thing you've got to know about Wade
 is that he is one sneaky guy. 
He LOVES surprises. 
So when that little velvet box 
came out of his pocket on 
Friday, February 12th, 2010, 
you can bet I was surprised.

Here’s a list of the sneaky things
 Wade did following up to “the” big moment. 
First, one day while I was at work, 
he asked my parents if he could give me 
a different last name. 
My Dad cried. 
My mom told him that she thought 
he was up to the task of protecting me. 
Second, Wade paid off 
our favorite movie theater 
to let him interrupt the preview
s to use the screen to propose to me. 
Third, he acquired the all important 
(and admittedly gorgeous) ring.

Why propose at a movie theater? 
Good question fellow blog-reader. 
For the most part, Wade and I have 
usually seen every movie a theater 
is playing at any given time
 and have to constantly wait for something
 we haven't seen yet to come out. 
Basically, the staff at 
our local theater knows us by name. 
Needless to say, we really love the place.

Short version of proposal: 
The previews stop and a powerpoint starts playing. 
One slide after another presents
 the audience with 
line after line
 of a gooshy, sappy, lovely poem (of sorts). 
Emma, clueless, almost leans over to Wade to say 
"I bet you that someone is about to get proposed to." 
Without warning, 
Emma's name pops up at the end of the poem
 and she looks over to see a shaking Wade
 presenting her with a 
big ole shiny rock on a circle of gold.
 A "YES!!!!!" ensued. 
The movie theater claps and titters its approval.

8 months later. 
THE big day. 
SLC temple. 
Blimpie luncheon 
(yes you read that right, it’s another one of our favorites).
 Dance party and 
Nutella-filled cake at the reception.

9 months after that 
(aka: now)
=9 month anniversary
=9 stinkin' great months


Why did my story 
make it on 
Husband and Me's 
"Great Love" series? 
Good question. 
I don't really have the answer. 
How do you classify "great" love, maybe it’s just “great” to us? 
All I know is that Wade makes me laugh every single day. 
He can also drive me bonkers. 
I’m convinced that his dimples will be the death of me. 
The drive home from school/work is 
because I can't wait to get my hug and kiss when I walk in the door.
 When he starts a new project, 
the determination he exudes 
makes me catch my breath. 
The kindness he shows to our dogs
 puzzles me because 
how could such a gentle man 
be encased in such a tough-looking exterior? 
And when I ever stop to think 
about what my life would be like without him in it, 
my throat seizes up and 
my vision gets a little hazy 
because it wouldn't be much of a life at all.


.if that love story
didn't take your breath away
i don't know what will.

.we want more.

.send em' on.

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