.more about husband and me.

.oh em goodness.


.you would not believe
my luck.

.i had to sleep in
a hotel again last night.

.yesterday there was
a snake inside our house.

.a stinkin' snake.

.like seriously.

.how does that happen?.

.what the what?.

.raise your hand if
you've ever had
a snake in your house?.


.let me know what
in the world you did
to get over it!.

.i have just learned the
thing is now out 
of the house
but i still feel
like i can't go back
in and sleep
in my bed.

.what can i do?!?.


.good thing is.

will be here 
one week
from today.

.one tinsy little

.great heavens!!!!.
.i can't wait!.

.i want that man
here with me
right now.


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