.more about husband and me.

Starting Nov off right...

So I'm a couple of weeks 
late but Jord
and I had the great 
opportunity to
spend some great qt
together the first .extended. 
weekend of Nov.


We started by waking
up at a ridiculous hour 
on Friday night/Sat morning
and heading
to the beautiful RES
.Rice Eccles Stadium.
for Game Day.

We arrived at 430 am
sign and all.

.our sign.

Game Day even tweeted it out
and put it in their photo album.
We felt so cool. :)

Even though the game
was a bit of a downer
we had so much fun just 
being with each other
and cheering on our Utes


Was spent driving to the
Las Vegas
for some fun in the sun.

we went for Jord's

But we still had a blast.

How is your November going?
Are you ready for some Turkey? 

I know I am. :)

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