.more about husband and me.

good, better, best...

It has been busy around
the Miller Fam lately.

Birthdays, jobs, and such.

I'll start with the first.

I, Jenna, got a new job.

the end.


I got a new job and now I get
to go to all of church on Sunday's.

It's been a huge blessing
and now you can find me working
in the AV department
at the LDS church.

So far I am loving it...
everything about it.

I started two
weeks ago and have
been able to see my husband
for more than fifteen minutes a day.

I also have taken a nifty
elevator ride and had
a sweet lunch encounter.
But those are for a different post.

So ladies and gents...
I have had three jobs
in a month and a half.
Wow. Indecisive.

Actually, it has nothing to do
with indecision
and all to do with
what I think is a pattern of
good, better, best.
in my life.

I even gave a talk about
it last week in church.

Yikes. That was scary.

But I would recommend
checking out our dear
Elder Dallin H. Oaks
for a reminder
about his talk
on this subject
in 2007.

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sherryandbryon said...

I still remember that talk. It was SO good! Congrats on the new job. Can't wait to hear more about it. :)