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Story time...

Once upon a time...
I got introduced
to the church by the
two most amazing women
you shall ever be lucky
enough to meet.

Currently they
are both on the
opposite side of the world.

(Along with another
best friend who
is in France...
that makes 3. Lame.)

It is tough stuff...

but that is
not what this post is about.

Jord and I are
living in Mare's
beautiful home in Layt-un.

Her home is just
like her parents,
the G's,
also known as
my second family.

And by just like,
I mean the spirit is stronger
than ever.

We love it.

the end.

1 comment:

mare said...

of course the spirit is stronger-YOU live there:)i got off the phone with you the other day and was beaming because of your blessings and love. xo sista