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money, money, money

it is a rich man's world.

I have a job.

In the past little while
I have gone from...

having a job,
getting offered a new job,
accepting that job,
quitting my first job,
getting offered a different job,
rethinking my first offer,
calling back and declining my first offer,
accepting my second offer.


I'm not even sure
I understood that. :)

But, finally, I feel at peace.

I have a job.

A good job.

That I am confident
will be best for our family,
for now anyway.

Heavenly Father is watching
over us and blessing us
in ways we could have
never expected.

I am so grateful.

the end

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Janae H. said...

congrats! I am so happy for you guys! can't wait to see you in octoberrrr!!!!