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Whole lot of moving going on...

move numero uno...

So Mare and Dev,
some of our best friends
are leaving for
Belgium on Monday
to live for a while for his job.

the Killpacks at Elle's Wedding Nov 08

It is very bittersweet
because we are so excited for them...

but now I'm (Jenna) going to
have one less friend
in Utah for a while. Sad.

move numero dos...

We are moving to...
drum roll...LAYTON!

To be pronounced...
Late - un.

We will be house sitting
for the Killerpacks while
they are in Belgium.

We are excited!

We've never experienced
"Late - un"
before and can't
wait to see what it is all about.

We will miss you Killerpacks.
Camping with the Killpacks Fall 08

We love you.

the end.


Kate Nally said...

How fun to live in a HOUSE! And I like Late-un :)

mare said...

PAHLEASE tell me why i look like a fluffy marshmellow woman in the camping pictures? Ha. sheesh. so excited and grateful you are gonna be our sitters. i feel so peaceful about it all. love and will miss you.

sherryandbryon said...

Their house is SO cute... you'll like it. :) It was fun to see you guys yesterday!