.more about husband and me.

Today is

my first day without my Macaco and boy have I missed him so far.

He left this morning around 10am and I saw him for about 30min. at lunch and then nothing since then. Oh boy this is going to be hard!

This is him in his cute little uniform for his first day of work! FYI he had no idea that I was taking this picture while he was tucking in his shirt and everytime I tried to get a good one he would move and not let me take it. But he is so stinkin' cute! I would definitely buy an alarm from him if he came to my door. :)

And take note...
I found something that is bigger in TX!

I'll keep posting more things I find. 


malia said...

you are too funny! :)

jenna marie said...

I'm out of the loop. are you doing summer sales in Texas? Is it that small of a world that you went with the group of people from UT that also includes my friends Sarah and Craig K and their wee bebe? That would be nuts.
How the heck are you Jenna that can dance? Your hair is getting long! My goodness, I miss you. You should write me back on the facebook cuz loadn blogs on my tiny bandwidth in the middle of the ocean is super super slooooow. But I'm not telling you what to do, just a strong suggestion. :) later friend.