.more about husband and me.

So far....

today I have:
-Read my scriptures, twice but it's not night yet
-Made Jordan say prayers
-Ran 2.5 miles
-Almost passed out
-Drank a slim fast
-Took two showers
-Read the Joseph Smith manual with my husband
-Cooked lunch -- random food b/c Jordan forgot to start the dishwasher
-Went swimming
-Pretended to layout and read Eclipse
-Ate a peach otterpop
-Got sun-burned
-Texted 3 friends to ask about bathing suits
-Came up with an idea for a new blog (details and opinions below)
-Went to Target and Walmart
-Noticed an LDS book section in Walmart in TX
-Got stared down and an ugly look by an own looker who had smiled at me earlier
-Thought about the Civil War and the poor Africans who got ugly looks, and still might
-Purchased red lipstick and new mascara and sunscreen
-Painted my toe nails resistent red (Didn't do a good job... maybe with practice)
-Painted four of my finger nails resistent red 
-Decided I was not ready for that type of commitment to being a girl
-Nail Polish removed all four finger nails
-Ate a lemon-lime otterpop
-Started making dinner and missing my husband more
-Got anxious for him to get home from work

My hard-earned paints -- let's be honest the carpets putrid -- don't feel bad you can say it

All in a days work my friends. All in a days work. I am starting to think I might actually be able to handle all this free time. Then again, who am I kidding. I miss my honey. 

So here I sit waiting patiently.... the clock just will not go fast enough. 


Ps. You didn't think I would forget did ya. The blog idea. That's what your all waiting for right?

Well it's not 100% finalized -- but I want your input. 

So here's the scoop... I want to make a blog about LDS women -- moms, daughters, sisters, teenagers, etc... the whole nine yards. I want it to be a place of unity and friendship, recipes and laughter, but mostly for opinions and answers for us lady-folk. For instance, one piece bathing suits or two-piece bathing suits and why? If there is an answer or it's a personal decision that is okay but atleast it could be a place where we could have some of our questions answered. I have been thinking about it for a few days and think it might be a good idea and even a great idea. I mean for a convert-gal like myself I don't have all the answers and to be honest I don't think anyone does... but isn't that what building the Kingdom is all about... becoming perfected together. Now this idea is not to bombard women with a sense of no self-control, but I think it is a way to share and become involved in different ideas and learn to find out how you feel about different things based off of others experiences or your own. 

Just some food for thought. 

Let me know what you think.



Cam and Ali said...

yayyyyyyyyyyyy youre backkkk

Becca said...

Awesome blog idea. I'd totally read and participate in it!

Emma. Emmalita. Em-uh. Em and m. said...

Okay, I admit. The carpet IS putrid ;)

The blog sounds like a great idea. I think you could definitely pull it off.

P.S. I'm glad you're blogging again.
P.P.S. Who in their right mind takes TWO showers? Ever hear about water conservation? ;) jkjkjk
P.P.P.S. All I can say about the swimming suit deal is that my mom ALWAYS made me wear a one piece. I wear a two piece now but it's composed of guy's board shorts and a rather modest halter top that doesn't show midriff. It's not a huge deal though, you should wear what you want.
P.P.P.P.S. I used to be addicted to otter pops.

The Colbys... written by Erin said...

lady!!! you found my blog AND you let me on your guest list for your blog!! A true friend indeed! Can I just say that I think you are amazing!!! How are you a convert???? You are LDS to the core and i lOVE it and I'm so happy to know you sister! I LOVE the blog idea. I'll totally be a reader and participant! Miss you lots!