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Life of a busy duo

This sounds like a blog title... not a post.... 

Anyhoo. Even though Jordie is doing all the work... I have been extremely busy. 

I just got a new job working in the office at Apx here and I have been asked to teach Relief Society. Fun. 

Being a good wife is harder than I thought and I am just now figuring out why it's easier to be a stay at home mom. I don't even have any "childrens" yet and I can't imagine how busy I would be if I did. 

For now... I'm just doing all I can. Don't worry I have plenty of story for you blog readers (atleast I think you're out there) and as soon as I get this lesson finished they will be posted on here for your viewing/reading pleasure. 

Until then...


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Janae H. said...

I'm going there July 10-16 ish. taylor said you might not be there, is this true?