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I was writing in my journal today and I was thinking about time. 
Time is such a valuable asset to our lives and sometimes we don't realize it. I have found myself so much happier lately and I finally have come to the conclusion that it is having more time. There is nothing on this planet (besides the gospel) that makes me happier than my wonderful husband and I have enjoyed lately the extra time we have been able to spend together lately. We are no longer running out the door saying hi and bye and it has been such a blessing. He is such a great man and brings the Priesthood in my life in a way I have never had access to it before.
I feel that sometimes we go through trials that we do not understand at the time but the important thing to realize is that Heavenly Father has a better plan for us. I have felt this over the last couple of months and being able to spend more time with my Jordie has been a true testimony of this. 

I love my husband! 

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Caty said...

I heard somewhere that one of the only things that everyone on this earth is equal in is the time given to us. LOVE IT.