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This is what I often sound like while driving on I-15. I don't mean to be rude but honestly I'm going to have to get back on my soap box again! WHERE IN THE HECK DID UTAH DRIVERS LEARN HOW TO DRIVE!?!?! It just makes me so unbelievably angry. I can't deal with it! Where are the turn signals? Why did you just slam on brakes in the middle of the freeway?..... oh... oh.... you were on the phone. Sorry let me just slam into the back of you while you finish your convo....thanks. It just bugs me beyond belief. It is enough to make a girl forget the beautiful mountains and just want to get the heck up out of here. I hope Jordan gets into a Pharmacy School far far away so we can drive in the land of driving intelligence. :) 

PS. Sorry I was away for a couple of days. School is kicking our butts!

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